“Waist Remover”

Started on December 20, 2017


Are you dreaming of a six-pack? No, not beer! I mean abs! If so, you will love this program! Two short workouts are scheduled 2x/week for eight weeks. Exercises target the rectus, transverse abdominals, obliques, hips, and everything abs.  Integrate these workouts into your current routine and remember, abs are made in the kitchen, so don’t forget to ask about our nutrition plans.


Gym Experience: Beginner to Intermediate

Setting: Gym

Program Includes:

– 8 weeks of Unlimited Access to Next Level Fitness app

– Easy to follow calendar outlining when/what exercises to perform

– 2-day of training per week

– Video-guided exercise routines to ensure proper form and significantly reduce chance of injury

– Daily motivation/support and education from a coach through messaging

– Easily sync with your Apple Watch or Fitbit for on the go access

FREE BONUS: Next Level Daily/Weekly Printable planners (unlimited prints)

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