“Wonder Woman”

Started on July 1, 2021

Finally, have the confidence to walk around in that bikini this summer!  This program is designed to help you build muscle while maintaining a feminine look.  You will feel like Wonder Woman after completing this 4-week program.


Gym Experience: Intermediate to Advanced

Setting: Gym


Program Includes:

– 4 weeks of Unlimited Access to Next Level Fitness app

– Easy to follow calendar outlining when/what exercises to perform

– 5-day of training per week

– Video-guided exercise routines to ensure proper form and significantly reduce chance of injury

– Daily motivation/support and education from a coach through messaging

– Easily sync with your Apple Watch or Fitbit for on the go access



– Next Level Daily/Weekly Printable planners (unlimited prints)

– Linear ab workout routine to avoid the sponge bob square pants look


**Program will begin on the Monday following the date of purchase.

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