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It does not matter if you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or simply want to live a healthier life; a professional personal training program created specifically with you and your needs in mind will take you as far as you want to go

Weight Loss Program No.1

I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition.

Weight loss program No.2

Understanding the way your body and its processes work and how to influence it is the most important step to your dream body.


A professionally developed personal training program that was created specifically for you will take you as far as you want to go.

What people say


After doing extensive research, I was so grateful to find Dr. Terri! I had recently went through a weight loss journey that I felt stuck in. I was unable to figure out how to reverse out of my old eating habits and increase calories again. Dr. Terri was so understanding of my situation and was able to put together a plan for me to get back on track. With this hands on approach, I feel super comfortable in this journey. The thoughtfulness and care that is put into each meal and workout plan is more than I could ever ask for! Thank you so much for helping me gain my confidence back!!


Sarah R

I just had my consultation. Very nice and seemed to care very much.


Maria M

She is very welcoming during your consult and really takes the time to get to know you. She is supportive but understands we’re human and we slip up sometimes. I used to always feel judged but I haven’t since I started working with her. The biweekly calls are a huge benefit! She also makes herself accessible on the app so if I have questions I know I can ask. She always responds within a few hours. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Shelby A

Working with Dr. Terri has been amazing so far!! I have been a yo-yo dieter for years and came to a point that I was as heavy as I have ever been. Working with Terri is teaching me to look at food differently. I can enjoy food and carbs. It’s so nice to have the meal plans and the support! In the first month I’m already down 8 pounds and the best part is it doesn’t feel like a diet! I’m excited to see what my results will be in the next few months!


Missy F